The Nescius

the visual identity and logo

Yes, we use ourselves as a case study.

To better understand the experience a client goes through when they interact with us and our process, we treated ourselves like clients to develop our logo and visual identity.

Since we were dealing with designers, we could speak the same language as them and come to a consensus fairly easily. The major insights we extracted were that the design language for the visual identity would be derivative of Bauhaus, Modernism and the Swiss Typography movement from the early and mid 20th century respectively.

Drawing typographic elements from greats like Jan Tschichold, Massimo Vignelli that complemented geometric elements from maestros like Paul Rand and Wolfgang Weingart felt almost obvious and resulted in the foundation for the design language.

The design is meant to showcase discipline, restraint and legibility, all coming together to bolster the backbone of a single message.

The whole project was completed in 12 days.