Richard Waldorf

the visual identity and logo

Richard Waldorf is a licensed Canadian Immigration consultant operating out of Sri Lanka and Canada. The Director, Kanchana De Silva, had gone through the process of immigration himself and knew the nuances of his endeavour both, as an internal party and an external consultant.

We went through a period of research, looking into the overarching design language of Canadian entities to make the visual identity feel native to Canada. Isolating the Canadian red and maple leaf as visual elements, and Neue Haas Grotesk as a typographic element happened early on and the logo was designed based on this insight.

To develop a comprehensive visual identity, we performed an exercise with Kanchana to align ourselves to his vision. The exercise proved successful and gave us a foundation to develop a design language out of.

Kanchana's primary medium for content distribution was digital while the secondary medium was small to medium scale print. Considering this as constraints, the material we developed had to be malleable enough to work well on dynamic media, such as video and web as well as on static media, such as social image posts, brochures, booklets and way finding.

The whole project was concluded in two and a half months.